v. & n.
—v. & tr.
1 strike bluntly, esp. with a closed fist.
2 prod or poke with a blunt object.
3 a pierce a hole in (metal, paper, a ticket, etc.) as or with a punch. b pierce (a hole) by punching.
4 US drive (cattle) by prodding with a stick etc.
1 a blow with a fist.
2 the ability to deliver this.
3 colloq. vigour, momentum; effective force.
Phrases and idioms:
punch (or punched) card (or tape) a card or paper tape perforated according to a code, for conveying instructions or data to a data processor etc. punch-drunk stupefied from or as though from a series of heavy blows. punching-bag US a suspended stuffed bag used as a punchball. punch-line words giving the point of a joke or story. punch-up Brit. colloq. a fist-fight; a brawl.
puncher n.
Etymology: ME, var. of POUNCE(1)
1 any of various devices or machines for punching holes in materials (e.g. paper, leather, metal, plaster).
2 a tool or machine for impressing a design or stamping a die on a material.
Etymology: perh. an abbr. of PUNCHEON(1), or f. PUNCH(1)
n. a drink of wine or spirits mixed with water, fruit juices, spices, etc., and usu. served hot.
Phrases and idioms:
1 a bowl in which punch is mixed.
2 a deep round hollow in a hill.
Etymology: 17th c.: orig. unkn.
1 (Punch) a grotesque humpbacked figure in a puppet-show called Punch and Judy.
2 (in full Suffolk punch) a short-legged thickset draught horse.
Phrases and idioms:
as pleased as Punch showing great pleasure.
Etymology: abbr. of PUNCHINELLO

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